Why I Teach Music

  Why I Teach Music



Music is Science…It demands exact acoustics.


Music is Mathematical…It is rhythmically based on the subdivision of                                               time in space into fractions.


Music is Foreign Language…a highly developed kind of shorthand.


Music is History…reflecting the environment and times of its creation.


Music is Physical Education


           It requires fantastic coordination of fingers, hands, arms,

           lip, cheek, and facial muscles. 
         In addition to extraordinary control of the diaphragm, back,                       stomach and chest muscles,           

         which must respond instantly to the sounds the ears hear and  the               mind interprets.

Music is all of these things, but most of all, music is art…That is why we make music. Not because we expect to major in music, not because we expect to play music all our lives, not so we can relax, not so we can have fun…but so we will be human and sensitive, so we will be closer to an infinite beyond our world, so that we’ll have something to cling to, so that we will have more love, more compassion, more gentleness, more good…

In short, more life.